Please Read Carefully

What is covered:

The iSleep® mattress, its components, and box foundations are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship that impair the serviceability of the product for a period of 20 years from the original purchase date.

100% cost coverage years 1 thru 3. Years 4 Through 20 are 50%. Cost is defined as the retail price for the component.

The manufacturer will repair or replace defective components. The 50% warranty period is half of the current retail price of the item being replaced. Warranty begins when you buy the mattress the first time, and making use of the warranty service does not renew the warranty.

General Provisions

All iSleep® mattresses are warranted from the date of the original retail sale.

Repair or Replacement: The manufacturer reserves as its legal right, the option to repair or replace parts covered under this warranty according to their discretion; to make substitutions as required of materials and components of comparable value and utility as the original part. It reserves the right to refuse service when the cover is found, on inspection, to be unsanitary or soiled condition.

Honoring of Warranty: This warranty will only be honored by direct approval of the manufacturer when all provisions of proof of application and availability of part for evaluation have been met.

Other Provisions

  1. This warranty shall be void unless the mattress is used in accordance with the enclosed instructions.
  2. This warranty shall be void if there is sale, transfer or another disposal of the warranted product or component.
  3. This warranty shall be void if there is use of unauthorized components in conjunction with this iSleep® product.
  4. This warranty does not apply to tears, punctures, or damages caused by improper use, negligence, excessive strain, accidents, acts of nature, or failures caused by extreme temperature.


This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of this mattress, at the option of the manufacturer, and any damages for breach of warranty due to consequential losses to property other than the warranted mattress components are expressly excluded. In addition, all implied warranties are limited to the duration of this written warranty. This is the exclusive express warranty for this mattress and any other statements or express warranties are expressly denied.

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