The customer service is as good as the mattress!

We have had this mattress for at least eight years! It is still like new! My wife and I both love the bed! She likes her side softer than mine. It has held up very well! We just bought two more mattresses, one for our sons room and one for our guestroom. This is a great company that takes great care of their customers!

– Mike | Arthur, IA
April 4, 2023

My back, hips, neck and feet have never slept better.

I never review products but this product and company is virtually a perfect consumer buying and owning experience. To be sure of my long-term experience, I waited one year before leaving a review. The company worked with me from the beginning to perfect the material and adjustment variables. There are three layers of materials that can be modified to tailor the product to your body. It took three adjustments and some time but the patience paid off. This product eliminated the pain in my back, hips, neck and feet while sleeping. The company also persuaded me to try the heated mattress pad to help manage the peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Amazing result! Plus they automatically include a 100 night sleep guarantee if you are not satisfied and want a refund. Who does that any more?! When traveling, I can hardly wait to get home to my bed for a good night sleep. 10 out of 10 for my experience.

– John | Surprise, AZ
April 2, 2023

Love the bed

I had never spent the money to get any kind of quality out of a mattress so I was a bit hesitant but looking back at it I would do it all over again. My body feels so much better during the day. I actually get good quality sleep and can fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time whereas I felt like I never could before and always slept poorly (waking up, tossing and turning). The buying experience was easy and the lead time to get the bed was short. Extremely satisfied with the product and I look forward to getting in that bed every night.

– John | Lincoln, NE
March 31, 2023


Sleeping in a recliner is a thing of the past, Thank Goodness! We’re elated to sleep in a extremely comfortable bed with so many features. All of the staff at iSleep have assisted us with excellent customer service. We are extremely Happy!

– Sharon | Omaha, NE
November 21, 2022

We have 3 of them!

Best bed We have ever had. We have one in Omaha, our Florida home, and the camper ( special size to fit ). My family and I will not sleep on anything but these. And to top it off, it was half of what sleep number wanted for theirs. Thank you Isleep. Keep up the great work, and beds.

– Bill | North Fort Myers, FL
November 15, 2022

Answer to my prayers!!

I have been dealing with back and neck issues for years. I purchased this mattress because traditional mattresses were wearing out too soon and I would be back to being stiff after sleeping. It was important to me to compliment the chiropractic care I was receiving. I love that I can adjust the firmness of my bed depending on my body’s changing needs. I can usually tell if I have lost some firmness, just by how I feel in the morning. It’s a push of a button and I am back to my optimal firmness and a happy spine. I recently added the adjustable base and have been using the “anti-snore” level and have noticed I don’t wake up with sinus pressure in my face. It elevates me just enough to keep stuff from settling in my nose. Also, I can watch TV without fighting with pillows to keep my head upright to see the TV. No more achy neck from pillows pushing my head forward.

– Sarah | Lincoln, NE
September 16, 2022