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iSleep Split King

Two independent and separate mattresses allowing for total control over each side, when using the Deluxe Adjustable Power Base.

The  iSleep mattress.  Our unique design allows each mattress to be fitted to you the sleeper.

iSleep Split King

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    • $ Includes two foundations
    • 2898 $ Includes two foundations

    Wireless Remote One Touch Flat Button - Headrest Adjusts To 65 Degrees - Zero G – One Touch Button Anti-Snore – One Touch Favorite Buttons 2 – Under Bed Safety Lighting – USB Easy Access Ports - Premium Charcoal Fabric - Solid Top Deck - Legs adapt to 8″, 11.5″ or 15″ in height - Variable massage - Designed to fit on most platform style bedframes - Weight capacity 800lbs

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    • 199 $

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