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iSleep Split Head King

Split head mattress design combines benefits from both a flat mattress and a fully split mattress.   Complete independent head adjustment and massage for each side, with some leg/feet adjustment available without disruption to partner.

The  iSleep mattress.  Our unique Dual Comfort* design allows each side of the mattress to be fitted to each sleeper.

*Applies to Cal. King,  King  and Queen.

iSleep Split Head King

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    • $ Includes two foundations
    • 2898 $ Includes two foundations
    • Wireless Remote
    • One Touch Flat Button
    • Headrest Adjusts To 65 Degrees
    • Zero G – One Touch Button
    • Anti-Snore – One Touch Button
    • 2 – Favorite Button
    • Under Bed Safety Lighting
    • 4 – USB Easy Access Ports
    • Premium Charcoal Fabric
    • Solid Top Deck
    • Legs adapt to 8″, 11.5″ or 15″ in height
    • Sleep Enhancement Technology
    • Designed to fit on most platform style bedframes 
    • Weight capacity 800lbs
    • $
    • 199 $

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