Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide each customer with the most comfortable, supportive bed imaginable.

Experience Matters

We have always been keenly interested in making our products provide the best sleep possible. Our products have improved as our knowledge of sleep increases.

Working with Nebraska Wesleyan University and pioneers in the field of sleep we founded a sleep research group, American Sleep Research Institute, that in 1988 built the first stand-alone sleep research facility to study what healthy sleep is and how to achieve it.

The research that followed yielded some surprising and important conclusions. We have learned that quality sleep is very important to good health and how long and how well we sleep can predict how long we might live. We have also learned what factors contribute to healthy sleep and we have designed those factors into the iSleep® Bed.

Associates from ASRI have gone on to work in prestigious hospitals and universities around the country. ASRI has conducted sleep education for professionals and patients worldwide.

Our Achievements 

Made in the USA.

The Sleep Adjustment Bed by iSleep® is built in our family-owned factory in the heart of the Great Plains, Lincoln, Nebraska. The average experience of our associates is 15 years with our company.

We are holders of more than 40 U.S. and 20 international patents for mattress innovations.


Years of Working with Chiropractors


U.S. Patents Held for Mattress Innovation


of Well-Rested, Happy Customers

Commitment to Science

Research is the Key

And our dedication to research extends beyond our products. We are convinced that sleep is a critical health concern. So we’ve made a commitment to fund primary research and provide education. We make information about sleep research and the importance of sleep available to you through our web site, credible journals, and publications distributed through healthcare offices.

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