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Welcome back, Old Friend.

After years of sleep lab studies, we learned that waterbeds weren’t the way to go. However, we are so proud of our loyal customers are still here for you with our “waterless waterbeds”.

We Learned Some Things…

As the go-to place for waterbeds, we felt it was our responsibility to study the essential factors in getting a good night’s sleep. So, in 1988 we opened up one of the first sleep labs in the country at Nebraska Wesleyan University. It was there we learned all the key features that help people to sleep better (temperature, firmness/softness, a bed fit to your height and weight, etc.), so we decided to shift away from waterbeds and create a “waterless waterbed,” the iSleep Mattress.

“All the comfort of a waterbed, without the hassle of one.”

We Made Sure to Keep All the Things You Love


Temperature Control

Whether you like it warm and cozy or nice and cool, you’re in control of your side’s temperature.

Forms to You

Just like a waterbed, the iSleep mattrress forms to you, meaning you’re comfortable throughout the night.


iSleep mattresses are built to your body-type specifically, and allows you to customize your side of the bed in both height and firmness.

Our “Waterless Waterbed” is the #1 Mattress on the #1 Independent Review Site. is the world’s most respected site for independent mattress reviews, and the iSleep Mattress is the top-ranked mattress on the market. with a 99 overall rating from over 205 owners, the iSleep Mattress is truly the best mattress for a great night’s sleep.

No More Waterbed Worries…

No Filling or Draining


No Longer Too Heavy to Move

No Possible Leaks or Water Damage

The Waterbed Loyalty Discount

We love and appreciate your loyalty, and it means so much that you have stuck with the waterbed for as long as you have. And if you’re looking to make the upgrade, we would be willing to offer you a major discount to show our appreciation. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you about it!

Looking for Waterbed Repairs?

We don’t make waterbeds anymore, but our friends at The Waterbed Doctor can help you out with any replacement parts you may need. If you ever get tired of replacing bladders and worrying about leaks, we’ll be here to help with our “waterless waterbed”.