The Mattress Chiropractors Trust for Their Patients.

The iSleep® mattress incorporates years of research and a patented design to give your patient the proper support they need and complements what you do in your office. Contact us to find out more about becoming an iSleep® affiliate.

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Are you losing sleep over patients experiencing stubborn pain in their back, neck and shoulders?

It Might be Their Mattress

Your patients are special to you and your practice. You’ve been with them as they have experienced pain, sometimes severe. You know it can cause challenges in their daily lives. They trust you to advise them on supports, pillows, and nutritional supplements to help them reduce the pain they are feeling in their back, neck, and joints. But you may be ignoring the one tool that you can add to your collection of trusted treatment tools to aid in their recovery—their mattress. Don’t send your patients on a hunt to the big box mattress store, refer your customers to a mattress Chiropractors have trusted for over 30 years, the science-based iSleep® Adjustment Bed system.

You Can Make A Difference

Metal springs and inexpensive foam mattresses can put painful pressure on your patient’s hips and shoulders. The iSleep® system will give you the peace of mind that your patients are sleeping with the best support available.

Easy To Order

Just guide your patients to click on the iSleep® link you’ll add to your website.

Personalized Process

We’ll customize the best mattress for their needs.

Knowledgeable Experts

Recommendations from experts dedicated to the science of sleep.

30 Day Trial

Let your patient’s body decide over 30 days if the iSleep® system is for them.

We’ve Been Working With Chiropractors for Over 20 Years.

With over two decades of working with chiropractors and their patients, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Our 40 years of experience in the field and our dedication to the science of sleep means you can trust your patients with the iSleep® system.

“I tell my patients ‘don’t compromise on your bed.’ You are going to spend six and a half of the next twenty years in bed. Your back deserves the help.”

Dr. Rob Jackson
“Hi. I just thought I would let you know that I continue to get positive feedback from my patients who have started using the iSleep® system…”

Dr. Greg Goffe,

“Firmness control has set us free! How many years have we been told that a hard mattress means support, but it does not. Your spine has several sweeping curves that need support. A hard bed is virtually straight.”

Dr. Arian Fuhr, President
National Institute of Chiropractic Research 

Why iSleep Works For Your Clients

While our video may be a little vintage, the information is as valuable now as it was then. Proper support and luxurious comfort are essential for deep, restorative sleep. And iSleep can provide the support and comfort that your patients need. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to hear from you.

The trusted choice for Chiropractors and their patients.

99 out of 100 Chiropractor reviewers rated us 5 stars. Our business depends upon the trusted opinion of chiropractors who help us connect with their patients in need.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

The iSleep® team is active in clinical and/or research aspects of sleep medicine. The mission of the AASM is to advance sleep care and enhance sleep health to improve lives.

American Sleep Research Institute

The American Sleep Research Institute awards its seal of approval to sleep products that provide superior sleep and postural benefits and for high durability and comfort ratings. American Sleep Research Institute to award its seal of approval for proper orthopedic support and near-perfect sleep posture

Finally, a way to provide the best night’s sleep for your patients.

Our sleep system was built as a direct result from science and research especially for Chiropractors. If you would like to find out more about offering the iSleep® system to your patients, or if you have any additional questions about healthy sleep and the patient discount program please schedule a call today.