The iSleep® Difference

Custom-fit for you by experts who will work with you after delivery to help you achieve the best sleep possible.

Custom fit for you

The only bed that can be adjusted to your personal comfort while maintaining perfect sleep posture.

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The only bed that can be adjusted to your personal comfort while maintaining perfect sleep posture.

Literally, A Silver Lining.

Our Silver Choice lining uses the anti-microbial properties of silver to give your sleep surface an added layer of hygienic protection.
An actual “Silver Lining”.

Features, Materials, and a dedication to your best sleep.

Why the iSleep® Model Works

Dual Comfort

Dual comfort lets sleep partners adjust the firmness on their side of the bed. Creating a personalized sleep experience for both sleepers.

Separate air chambers combined with patented polymer coils inside each chamber, ensure a sleep experience of near-perfect sleep posture and support. And no more having to compromise your quality sleep due to your partner.

Split head mattress with remote control features
iSleep Pressure Relief features illustration

Pressure Relief

Just the right amount of materials to provide more comfort. Your individualized sleep surface cradles your body without creating pressure and allowing for normal nighttime movement.

Other beds allow heavier weight body sections to sink and push your head and feet upwards. This causes a “hammock” sleeping posture that can cause discomfort at night and in the mornings. Only our personalized sleep system provides differentiated support to maintain the preferred sleep posture.

iSleep pressure relief features graphic

Stand Tall / Sleep Tall

Studies from the American Sleep Research Institute have shown that ideal sleeping posture closely resembles the standing position. This sleep position keeps the middle ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle in alignment and reduces the chance of discomfort or undue pressure while sleeping.

Our individualized sleep system promotes the Stand Tall / Sleep Tall sleep position, meaning less pain in the morning and a more restful night’s sleep.

Stand tall / Sleep tall features graphic

Materials Matter

Breathe Fresh Certified Organic Latex

Latex Padding

Latex creates the comfort and the support that last. Because of its long life, our high-quality latex padding will continue to provide you with top-class sleep night after night.

iSleep patented micro coil support

Patented Coil Support

Soft polymer coils adjust to your body weight and natural curves. The iSleep® system gently supports your entire body, and keeps your spine aligned while you sleep in comfort.

Organic cotton stretch knit cover

Natural and Organic

Whenever possible, we use natural and organic materials to ensure the best possible sleep experience. From our organic cotton Stretch Knit Cool Breeze cover to our natural latex comfort layer, we strive to use the best.

By The Numbers

iSleep Dual Comfort

1. Silver-Infused, Organic Cotton Cover

2. Ergonomic Zoning for Shoulder and Back Support

3. “Breathe Fresh” Latex Comfort Layer

4. Body Cradling Support Layer

5. iSleep Dual Comfort Air Support

6. Individual Micro Coil Base Layer

A Closer Look

Get a better look at the materials that make up an iSleep mattress.

iSleep Breathe Right Stretch Cotton

Cool Breeze Organic Stretch Cotton

Our Cool Breeze four-way stretch knit fabric is conforming and breathable. It’s the first thing you’ll feel when you choose an iSleep mattress.

Soft, washable, and comfortable the organic cotton yarn of our Cool Breeze sleep surface wicks away moisture helping you stay cool and dry.

iSleep Breathe Right Stretch Cotton

Pressure-Relieving "Breathe Fresh" Latex

Your first encounter with an iSleep bed is relaxing on the high-quality soft latex comfort layer. Our natural foam latex is zoned for shoulder relief and added lumbar support.

Our premium latex provides a neutral sleeping temperature, designed with proper air circulation for easy sleeping. 

iSleep Breathe Right Stretch Cotton

Individual Supporting Micro Coils

Individual Micro-coils respond to your natural curves, adding gentle support where you need it. A personalized feature delivering on the iSleep promise of Stand Tall / Sleep Tall support.

Our specially-designed micro-coils give you the support of an innerspring mattress while still providing individual comfort.

iSleep Breathe Right Stretch Cotton

Silver-Infused Antimicrobial Cover

An actual “Silver Lining”. Our Silver Choice lining uses the anti-microbial properties of silver to give your sleep surface an added layer of hygienic protection.

For centuries, people have valued silver for it’s hygienic properties, we’re no different. We want your sleep to be clean, cool and comfortable.

How iSleep Stacks Up

See how the iSleep Dual Comfort bed compares to other adjustable beds according to owner’s ratings.

  • iSleep Dual Comfort 99% 99%
  • National Competitor i10 mattress 69% 69%
  • National Competitor i8 Mattress 67% 67%

Source: Owner’s Ratings on

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