Dr. Piper Wegener

Essentials is a patient-focused healthcare facility in which you will feel like family upon your arrival. Our natural health philosophy is centered on strategies that are focused to your needs. We will not over diagnose or set up long, exhaustive care plans. If our care plan is not working for you we will refer you to Omaha's best healthcare providers. Our specialties include pregnancy care and symptom management, children and families, and those with an active lifestyle.

Good sleep is an incredibly important part of your long-term health. From your physical well-being to a healthy mental mindset, good sleep is key to achieving a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Dr. Piper Wegener

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Get caught up on the most recent sleep science, news, and breakthroughs. For more news and information, scroll down to our Sleep Science Library.

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As a sleep health expert, I would like to share these articles with you.

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