Spine and Sports Chiropractic

Our Clinic is a diagnostic and treatment center that specializes in musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) injuries and human performance. Our clinical goals go beyond pain relief. We work with patients to re-establish proper muscle function, restore proper joint mechanics, and return patients to their daily activities while minimizing the risks of recurring injuries and doctor visits.

Good sleep is an incredibly important part of your long-term health. From your physical well-being to a healthy mental mindset, good sleep is key to achieving a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

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Get caught up on the most recent sleep science, news, and breakthroughs. For more news and information, scroll down to our Sleep Science Library.

Sleep Science Library

As a sleep health expert, I would like to share these articles with you.

A Nap for Every Purpose

A Nap for Every Purpose

Duration and timing are important A nap is a nap is a nap. Ummm, No.  A lot of research has gone into napping since sleep knowledge has advanced....

Spine and Sports Chiropractic
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