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To maximize the human potential of every man, woman, child, and infant in our community and the world. We intend to do this through regular Chiropractic Care, Proper Nutrition, Proper Exercise, and Education of what it means to be truly healthy. We call every practice member of our office into action to take what they have learned and teach others, until the health of our Community, our State, our Country, and the World, is restored. Thank you in advance for your help in this ever so worthwhile endeavor. https://www.drgreghelps.com/

Good sleep is an incredibly important part of your long-term health. From your physical well-being to a healthy mental mindset, good sleep is key to achieving a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

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Get caught up on the most recent sleep science, news, and breakthroughs. For more news and information, scroll down to our Sleep Science Library.

Sleep Science Library

As a sleep health expert, I would like to share these articles with you.

A Nap for Every Purpose

A Nap for Every Purpose

Duration and timing are important A nap is a nap is a nap. Ummm, No.  A lot of research has gone into napping since sleep knowledge has advanced....

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