100 Night Promise

100 Night iSleep® Promise

Finding the right mattress can now be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home, not in a high-pressure showroom. Getting to know you and your sleeping preferences is what makes iSleep® so successful and our 5 Star customer satisfaction as reported on Goodbed.com.

When your new iSleep® mattress arrives put it through the same paces you do your current mattress for 100 days.
If during this time you really like your new iSleep® mattress but believe it should be firmer or softer so that you would really love it, we will work with you to improve your mattress for your comfort and restful sleep.

We are dedicated to helping you sleep better on your new iSleep® mattress.

If during your 100-Night Promise, you do not have the best sleep you have ever had, you may return the mattress for a refund.

That is the iSleep® Promise.

Refunds: Foundations, metal bed frames, and temperature control system are the best available in the industry and will work with other mattresses if you decide to return your iSleep® Bed. Those items are not part of the 100-Night iSleep® Promise and are not returnable.