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“Life is too short to not have a great bed.”

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The iSleep 365 Smart Bed is built to your unique needs.

Yes, a great bed is about Comfort and Support,

 and solving the Two (2) Sleeper Problem. That is why we build each side of the bed for each sleeper and then make it adjustable.

As well as life style desires and the fact that what is right today may change over time.

Christine Walters

Over 40 Patents  |  40 Years of Experience

Millions of dollars in sleep research and millions of happy customers

What makes iSleep special

1.  Soft Stretch Knit Cool Breeze Cover Four way stretch knit fabric is conforming and breathable.  Organic cotton wicks away moisture helping you stay cool and dry.
2. Protection Infused Silver Clear coating added to help eliminate microbial growth on contact.
3. Ergonomic Comfort Layer
The first encounter with an iSleep bed is relaxing on the high quality soft  comfort layer.  Giving a naturally conforming and pressure relieving  experience.  Relief for the hips, softer for the shoulder.

4. Support Layer
 Custom configured or each sleeper, this layer provides the foundation for your sleeping posture. Just the right amount of support to prevent sagging and yet cradle your body without restricting your normal night time movement.

5.  Dual Comfort Air Support Design
Each partner has firmness control of their side.
You prefer a softer mattress: your partner prefers a firmer one. With iSleep each person can have their own setting  – ending the usual conflict and compromise.

6.  Micro Coil Support and Comfort
Individual Micro-coils respond to your natural curves, adding gentle support where you need it.  A personalized feature delivering on the iSleep promise of Stand Tall / Sleep Tall support.


Standard Foundation
  • Use your own or our optional  standard solid wood foundation
  • Available in all Sizes: Cal. King, King, Queen, Full, Twin and TwinXL
  • Available in 8″ or 4″ height
Deluxe Adjustable Foundation

Optional Deluxe Adjustable Foundation adjusts each side of the bed separately and is the ultimate in comfort, usefulness, and luxury.

  • Wireless Remote
  • One Touch Flat Button
  • Headrest Adjusts To 65 Degrees
  • Zero G – One Touch Button
  • Anti-Snore – One Touch Button
  • 2 – Favorite Button
  • Under Bed Safety Lighting
  • 4 – USB Easy Access Ports
  • Premium Charcoal Fabric
  • Solid Top Deck
  • Legs adapt to 8″, 11.5″ or 15″ in height
  • Sleep Enhancement Technology
  • Designed to fit on most platform style bedframes 
  • Weight capacity 800lbs
  • Available Sizes: Split Head Cal King, Split Cal. King,  King, Split Head King, Split King, Queen, TwinXL


Three Ways to Elevate

Organic Cotton - Stretch Knit - Breathable


Head only elevate as one Great way for couples to watch a movie.

King - Cal King isleep adjustable mattress


Each sleeper elevates head and feet while maintaining "NO GAP" big bed feel.

King Mattress from Two Twin XL iSleep Mattresses - on Adjustable Base

2 Twin Extra Long

Maximum independent adjustability. Each sleeper has control of their own mattress.

You no longer need to settle for poor sleep to make your partner comfortable

We’ve Got You Covered!

5 Star Service and Guarantee

Everything we do is designed to give you the best possible sleep, and that includes all your customer service needs.

Click below to see our Excellent Rated Warranty Service and Reviews:
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