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Orthopedic support and near perfect alignment.

American Sleep Research Institute studies show that the ideal sleeping posture closely resembles that of the standing position: the middle ear, shoulder, hip and ankle are all in alignment.

Giving your spine the support it needs is essential to getting quality sleep. Studies show that the correct amount of support keeps your spine aligned and lets you enjoy deep restful sleep the entire night.

But if your mattress doesn't give you the support you need, your back muscles work all night long to keep your spine aligned. You curl your arm under your pillow and bring one knee up toward your chest. You change positions, again and again. All to compensate for the lack of support.

The iSleep Bed is constructed with Zoned InnerCoils and a Multi-Rate Elastomeirc Support Layer that give the heaviest parts of your body flexible, mechanical support. They also adjust to your body weight and natural curves. So your entire body gets the support it needs and your spine is properly aligned while you sleep.
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